Four Sewing Hacks to Make Road Trips A Lot More Comfortable!

Four Sewing Hacks to Make Road Trips A Lot More Comfortable!

If you're planning a road trip this August, you're not alone! 

More folks than ever will be taking their vacations on the road instead of flying the friendly skies. Expedia reports as many as 85% of Americans, who are understandably wary of air travel in the age of Covid-19, will join the road-tripping rank and file. 

Whether you're planning to traverse the country or only a few hundred miles, we're here to help keep bodies from aching, drinks from spilling, and more! 

The following are four of our favorite items for road trips near and far. Each project is quick, easy, and fun to sew, and worth its weight in gasoline! 

Neck Pillow — You remember to bring your neck pillow on the plane, but not the car, where sleeping is equally upright! Eighty-six head bobs and sore necks with: 

Quilt Cadets  Enchanted Neck Pillow

With these recommended fabrics: 

Oasis Fabrics - Heavy Flannel Lime6 Oz  

Timeless Treasures Fabrics - Flannel- Hatch Yellow 

Dear Stella Fabrics - Flannel – Blue 

Fanny Packs — Hands-free travel is the name of the game! This insanely practical pack ensures all your essentials are in one place (not to mention attached to you!). Say buh-bye to frantic searches for your keys, wallet, or glasses with:  

Sallie Tomato – Ferris – Fanny Pack

With these recommended fabrics: 

Free Spirit Fabrics - Kaffe Fassett Collective - Cameo – Yellow

Birch Fabrics - Charlie Harper Lakehouse Vol. 1:Wood Duck

Windham Fabrics - Wish - Carrie Bloomston – Starry Elephants

Beverage Caddy — Cup holders are nice. Beverage Caddies are better! Sturdier and sized to hold six of your favorite bottled or canned beverages -- and unlike your car's cup holders, you can leave the car with this caddie:

Sallie Tomato - Backyard Beverage Caddy

With these recommended fabrics: 

Free Spirit Fabrics - Layered Stripes - Yellow

Freespirit Fabrics - Kaffe Fassett - Promenade Stripe - Contrast

Free Spirit - Kaffe Fassett - Diamond Stripe - Multi 

Crossbody Bag — Can we be honest? We use this adorable tote to hold TP, wipes, and hand sanitizer. That's right! It's our bathroom bag! It keeps the TP clean and makes everything we need to go, easy to grab and go, when on the go: 

Quilt Cadets - Brekky Bags

With these recommended fabrics: 

Birch Fabrics - New Frontier:Horse And Buggy Ochre

Alexander Henry Fabrics - A Ghastlie Screen - Blk/Slate

Lewis & Irene Fabrics -Under The Oak Tree