Five DIY Christmas Gifts You Can Sew for Your Dog or Cat

Five DIY Christmas Gifts You Can Sew for Your Dog or Cat

Santa wants to know...have your pets been naughty or nice this year? 

As if it matters! Pets are the best! And we pet parents will do anything to ensure they are happy, comfortable, and looking good, which lands them squarely at the top of holiday gift lists the world over! 

But why spend a lot of money on store-bought gifts when DIY gifts are so much more fun to make and to give? And don't fret if you aren't a master sewer. Your pets will LOVE it no matter how your project turns out!  From toys to clothing and other accessories, here are five cute and easy sewing projects and eight accompanying fabrics your furry friends are sure to love: 

Scrap Fabric DIY Toy: Gather up your end of bolts, fat quarters, and fabric scraps and put them to excellent use with this simple-to-make chew toy your doggie will love.  

Dandy-Doo Quilted Jacket: Brrrr. It's cold outside! Warm up your pup with this totally reversible, totally adjustable jacket pattern you can customize to fit your pooch perfectly.  Available in our shop or online for small,medium, and large dogs.  

Catnip Pillows:  Catnip toys are fun. But an entire pillow made of catnip? Heaven! Your cat will LOVE you almost as much as they love this pillow. Translation: a lot! And it's super easy to sew! 

Cool & Cozy Pet Bed: Dog-tested; feline-approved! We love this two-sided, all-season pet bed. We sew one side with cool cotton and the other with cozy flannel, but you can mix and match fabrics to suit your decor and taste, err, their taste. And best of all, there's an easy-to-insert zipper so you can remove the cover and toss it in the washer should "someone" have an "accident."

The Well-Dressed Dog: Ok, this book is store-bought, but inside you'll find 26 (!!!) stylish outfits you can sew for your pets! This book satisfies all of your sartorial needs, from sweaters and rain capes to dresses and tank tops (hooded and sailor-style!). The included pull-out patterns can be adjusted to suit dogs of every size and shape. 

We recommend these fun fabrics for your pet projects (pun intended):