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Finding the Time to Sew

Karen Flournoy

Posted on October 22 2019

Finding the Time to Sew

Finding the Time to Sew

As much as Karen and I love sewing, between work, children, grandchildren, pets, family and household chores, and life’s daily events, even we struggle to make time to start, let alone finish, sewing projects. 

Time management and preparation are a must, of course, but so too is just merely being realistic about what I can get done when, setting goals accordingly, and proceeding from there. 

So, rather than saying I want to sew a dress, for example, and only sewing when I can dedicate big blocks of time, instead, I’ll break down sewing a dress into logical, discreet steps and treat each step as its own project. That way, even if I can only squeeze in a few minutes one day, I’ll still be able to accomplish one step towards my overall plan to sew a dress — and eventually, the dress will be complete! 

 I am very goal/project-oriented, so taking this approach eliminates stress and gives me a sense of accomplishment regardless of how long the project takes overall — if I’m sticking to a schedule of small steps and working towards a goal — I’m happy!

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