Feeling Hungry? We Have Fabric for That!

Feeling Hungry? We Have Fabric for That!

Feeling hungry? We have fabric for that! 

You know the old saying, “You are what you eat.” Well, here at Chateau Sew and Sew, we think the saying, “You wear what you eat!” makes a lot more sense. And, fewer calories to boot! 

So, tuck in your napkin (which you’ve sewn with one of these adorable fabrics, of course), and saddle up to the sewing table because if it’s yummy and delicious, we have it waiting for you! 

Dear Stella’s Tokyo Dreams has us dreaming of sushi, edamame, ramen, and hold on…we’ll be right back. Sorry, we couldn’t resist ordering sushi. Perfect for aprons, tablecloths or napkins, or even a skirt or shirt for the sushi lovers among us. 

Alexander Henry’s This is How I Roll is how we roll. A bold and bright take on Japanese cuisine that makes our mouths water and is perfect for novelty projects, kitchens, or even accent pillows! 

 You scream, we scream, we all scream for Moda’s Ruby Star Society Social!! Soft ice cream comes that look scrumptious, even in two dimensions. Perfect for keeping summer vibes alive all year long! 

Dear Stella reminds us to eat healthy with Tossed Pineapples and Fruit and Vegetables. These subtle designs are, of course, perfect for kitchen items, but will also make adorable skirts and dresses — and in the case of Pineapples, a much more refined Hawaiian shirt. 

If you love pretzels — and who doesn’t love pretzels — then you’ll feel all twisty (in a good way) for Dear Stella’s appropriately named Pretzel fabric. Perfect for accent pillow or tote bag or cover small keepsake boxes. 

Robert Kaufman’s Friendly Faces is chock full of happy food (with a few personal items thrown in for good measure). These smiling faces make perfect throw pillows or cushions in children’s bedrooms or play areas! 

If you can’t get your kiddos to eat fruit, you can at least get them to wear it with cute tops, shorts, and dresses made from Timeless Treasures’ Watermelon, Dear Stella’s Strawberries, and Michael Miller’s Strawberry Delight

And last but certainly not least, indulge in Timeless Treasures’ Cupcakes and Riley Blakes’ Mr. Owl and Friends guilt-free deserts!