Fat Quarters

Fat Quarters

Let’s talk Fat Quarters

First, what is a fat quarter (FQ)?  Many sewists know this as the “original precut”.   The fat quarter is a staple in any fabric stash!  The FQ is so versatile and the perfect size for so many quick little projects!!  The definition, I prefer, is a quarter yard of fabric but is cut in a different shape.  A regular quarter yard of fabric is 9” wide by the width of the fabric.  A fat quarter is cut 18” wide by the width of the fabric then cut in half. The FQ is basically an 18” square  Four of these cuts create a yard.  Clear? As mud.  

Many of you prefer a fat quarter to a normal quarter yard cut because it allows you to see bigger prints better, is  a more versatile size for many quilt patterns, or if you are a fabric lover like me you just collect them.  I sometimes buy a fat quarter just because I couldn’t leave the shop without buying at least a smidge.   Plus, I probably don’t have a project already in mind.

 How can I possibly inspire you and myself to cut up these beautiful, perfectly sized pieces of fabric!?!  I can offer some great options.  

  1.  Creating continuous bias:  I can think of so many different uses for a strip of continuous bias.  You can clean finish your seams with it, hem a cuff, create piping, and so much more.  Here is a diagram on how to make continuous bias, and yes, it is that easy
  2. Make your own headbands  Looking for a new hairstyle, quick gift, or just a clever way to show off your sewing skills.  This is the perfect pattern for you and it only takes two FQ
  3. Reversible messenger bag   A very useful style for keys, phones, cash and all the other little bits that are essential.
  4. How to sew fold up baskets  Need to tidy up your sewing area?  You can with just 2 fat quarters  - “instant declutter”!

Have I won you over to become a Fat Quarter lover?? A quarter yard of fabric has so much potential to create beautiful and unique projects. Let us know what you create and email us at chateausew@gmail.com