Face Masks for Every Occasion

Face Masks for Every Occasion

There's little doubt cloth face coverings are going to be around for a while. A long while. 

By now, those masks you bought or made from us when Covid-19 started may be looking a little ragged, or perhaps you're just bored with the same old same old now that masks are your new daily reality. Kind of like when you look in your closet and have nothing to wear? 

But no matter the cause of your mask malaise, we have the cure. 

That's right, America, we're here to help you and those you love #maskup with our favorite fabrics for every masked occasion.  

Masks for Back-to-School — These kid-friendly fabrics will make wearing masks to school as fun as recess. Ok, probably not. But, your kiddos will look cute and have fun expressing their creativity via their favorite fabrics, all while staying safe, and that counts for a lot! 

Breakfast Buddies

Tortoises On Light Green

Cats On Warm Lilac,

Good Things Will Come - Light Blue

Think Positive - Dusty Teal Fabric

Cookies In Orange  

Playground - Friends

Masks for Dressing Up — A.k.a, the LBM (Little Black Mask). Even though "big nights out" are more likely to be "big nights in" these days, there will still be times you want to look your spiffy best. These fabrics will ensure your mask rises to the occasion. 

Lewis & Irene -  Sand

 Book Club - Colored Diamonds On White

Ballerina Fusion - Interrupted Signal Ballerina, 

Menagerie In Unicorn

Greatest Hits Vol'1 Charcoal Notebook

Masks for Working Out — There's sooo much energy emanating from these fabrics, they'll practically burn the calories for you! 

Brave Enough To Dream - Wild Things

Homemade - Seed Stitch – Noon

By The Seaside - Fly Along - Black Fabric  Speckled Metallic - Denim

Masks for Gardening — Food-centric fabrics to remind why you’re spending all that time toiling in the fields! Totally worth it!

Farm To Fabric - Heirloom Tomatoes

Among The Wildflowers - First Impression, Curio - Moss

Martha Negley - Carrots - Bright

Masks for Travel — We love these fabrics for travels near and far. Each dreamy pattern will keep you feeling calm, mellow, and relaxed, whether you're enjoying - or enduring - the journey to get wherever you're going.  

Butterscotch - Starlight In Blue

Moonscape – Dresden

Dream World Keys And Stars

Heather Ross - Moon In Aqua

Long Distance - Bokeh - Bloom

Masks for Shopping — We don't know about you, but shopping is our new big day out. As such, we like to look good. Here are the fabrics we're wearing on our faces to the freezer section and beyond! 

Monkey Wrench - Spots On Spots – Dra

Black And White Striped Fabric

 Special Delivery - Shooting Stars

Tattooed North - Rocks- White

Masks for Business Meetings — The future of work will involve many more face coverings, so you'll need fabrics that convey style and professionalism. We've got you covered, literally:

Yarn Dyed Linen SpacedustSpeckled Metallic – Natural 

Allison Glass - Holiday - Diamond - Frost Tonoshi:Mochi Dot Shroom / Metallic Gold

Out To Sea - Splindrift – Ivory

Add It Up - Wine Time  

Scallop Dot - Wheat