Easy Gift projects for Teachers

Easy Gift projects for Teachers

Teacher?  Not me unless you count the few sewing classes I do at the shop. These times make me very appreciative of wonderful teachers who give our children kindness and love.  Keeping this in mind I have tried to pull together gifts that you and your children can make.   Teachers get so many gifts.  Why not make yours memorable by taking the time and letting the children share in the process.  They can pick the fabric, colors, or ribbons or if they are older, they can help with the stitching.

Do you ever mis-place your scissors?   I know I do.  This is a useful gift for teachers or anyone.  The Heart-shaped Scissor Keeper can be a piece of art, or thoughtful, and helpful gift.  A Scissor holder what better way to keep up with your special scissors and keep them within reach (and out of reach of students).  The project by Handmade Harbour is perfect for beginners and is great for scrap-busting.  As an added benefit, it can also hold sewing supplies they might need for an emergency repair.  No machine required as it can be sewn by machine or hand.

Everyone needs a small container for all your or other’s “stuff”.  The Stackable       Scrap Bucket by Sew South Loft is just the ticket for a quick easy gift.  Teachers will love the convenient small design that is perfect on shelves or beside a desk.  With cold and flu season on us, the teacher could use one per student with a small liner for quick clean up.  Never underestimate the small but powerful gift. 
Now this gift is one that teachers might be tempted to pass along.  Who doesn’t need a small, fully loaded First-Aid Kit.  A gift that is practical for in class or play-ground use.  I use practical first aid supplies like Band-Aids, antibiotic cream, tweezers, and Tylenol/ Alive and something for bites and stings.  Positively Splendid has gone beyond expectations in designing this very cute first-aid kit.  It covers all the bases as well as the cut and scrapes.

Of course, we can’t go without honking our own horn.  At Chateausew.com we have lots of fabric and patterns from which to choose.  Be careful or you might pick up a few yards for yourself.

The Fiddlesticks Designs - Momma's Go-to Potholders & Oven Mitts would be a gift any teacher would appreciate.  Whether to handle hot kids or pans they will be handy. Easy to make.  The kids will enjoy picking out fabric and bias tape colors. Use your scraps and you will declutter and make a wonderful teacher very happy.

Our Mary Productions - Crisscross Apron is a gift for home or classroom use.  In the classroom it can be used for craft class or during lunch .  Very simple, uses only 2 yards of material, so it is inexpensive.  Perfect in all categories.

As we acknowledge the different ways Teachers impact our children’s lives, let’s take a few minutes to celebrate them.  I know we love to impress teachers with our talents and how much we adore them.  They will surely take notice of these wonderful inexpensive gifts. 

Aren’t these the most wonderful, deserving people in the world today?

Geaux Teachers!!!  Put a smile on their faces NOW.

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