Dorm Room Sewing

Dorm Room Sewing

Are you thinking about putting a sewing space in your dorm room?  I am sure there are some bright talented college students who bring their sewing machines to these tiny fictional spaces?  Right?  If you are wondering how to manage, I have a few suggestions for you.

The first decision you would have to make is which small sewing machine I would take with me.  Because I am sew into sewing, I would like a good dependable model.  I love the Pfaff Passport.  Now, they are very much in demand.  (We have a few in stock).  The Passport 2 is the ideal machine.  The only thing missing is the automatic thread cutter. Which is included on the Passport 3.

After arriving at your home away from home, the next BIG step is deciding where to put this baby.  You probably will situate it on your dorm room desk.  For optimal room, push it to the back while not in use.  Leaving you just enough room to do all that pesky studying.  Don’t make sewing a chore by storing the machine under your bed or in the closet.  I know this limits the projects you choose but keep on sewing.  A portable sewing table added to the machine gives you a level sewing area, perfect.

Next up ironing / pressing area.  I would recommend an over the door holder for a full-size ironing board.  Great way to keep out of your way and you will not be forced to iron on the bed or floor (which I have done).  Also, this will give you a steady place to rest your iron.  

Thread and bobbins can be a focal point on your wall over your desk area.  Easily made from a 5” square of corkboard with removable foam adhesive mounting. Stick pins evenly across the board.  Use a cute storage basket (you can make these) to store your thread spools.  A small 3 drawer plastic storage box (Walmart or Target) will hold all your other need equipment plus a great amount of fabric.  

For your cutting mat, DO NOT stand up.  This also can be attached to the wall with removable foam adhesive mounting.  I also would suggest shoving it under your bed.  If the mat gets wet or hot it can warp and this a whole new topic.


One thing I was concerned about was “WHAT ABOUT THE NOISE”.  Depending on your roommate you probably can work it out.  Doing the actual sewing while they are not in the room is probably the best option.  You can pin, cut, plan or iron while they are in the room.  You also can make the machine a pleasant addition by teaching them the basic skills needed or offer to do some minor repairs for them


This is how I would do it. I know you have got a great creative mind and you will come up with other great solutions to this small space issue.  Please share with us @chateausewnola.  


Just a side note – But you could earn extra income from mending, alterations for all the kids who don’t know how to even thread a needle.  A great topic for another blog.


I really like this post. However, how does your roommate deal with the noise? Does she leave, or is she ok with it? I’d like to sew in college also, but I’m afraid I’ll disturb my roommate.