Dorm Room Projects

Dorm Room Projects

If you are going back to college or just starting it is exciting! Your dorm is the space you'll be making lots of happy memories.  You'll want to make sure you have the best organizing and decorative touches to make it feel cozy, welcoming, and just like you! After a few miserable years of navigating different learning techniques, ever changing vaccine and mask guidelines, having the experience of dorm living may be close to what it once was. Having  a functional (and stylish) room is essential considering the tiny living space.  

When thinking about your new home away from home, you definitely want to consider the size of the room.  More than likely, you are probably living in a small, cramped room during your time at college.  Not all bad when you consider a small area is easily kept neat and tidy.  

To help you keep everything in its place, we have a few suggested projects that you can do at home and be ready to move in and get organized. 

I hope you find one or several ideas to help you enjoy and relax your cozy, organized dorm room:

  1.   Hanging organizers are a great option.  From storing jewelry to small “stuff”, this is a great idea to keep organized.  Of course, you can make larger hanging organizers for shoes, books, study notes and other larger items.  Just label each compartment and you will have tidy right at your fingertips. You will need these because what do you do with all those extra nick-knacks? Throw them away? Certainly not!
  2. Storage boxes, By Annie – Contain Yourself Pattern, soft-sided fabric bins made from your favorite fabrics and colors are great to store all sorts of odds and ends!  This pattern is sew cute! Aunties two Patterns – Freeport Gatherer is great for containing socks, towels, scarves, or flowers.  
  3. Decorating your room is a must.  Perfect for extra seating, a floor pillow or two when visitors come for a study session or just to hang out. Usually just two yards of a brightly printed fabric to match those cute storage baskets will cover an over-sized pillow and add a pop of color.  
  4. A fabric bedside caddy that tucks and hangs under the mattress is considered a must.  It can be used to hold any or all tablet, cell phone, TV remote, tissues, lip gloss or water bottle.
  5. An over-the-fridge caddy, with side pockets to keep paper plates, plastic utensils, and napkins within easy reach. A little used table runner would come in handy for this purpose; just fold up each end about 8 inches and stitch the sides closed.
  6. An old favorite and easy to make organizer is a padded bulletin board with crisscrossed ribbons for concert posters, contact numbers, schedules, etc.
How about laundry bags?  Perfect to take home your ditty clothes for your adorable Mom to wash for her precious baby. – It’s a Cinch has enough room to keep your favorite Mom occupied for hours.