Don't get back to school blues, get sewing instead!

Don't get back to school blues, get sewing instead!

Got the back-to-school blues? There's a cure for that! Put down your books and take a pause on homework...and let's get sewing!

Sewing can be a very relaxing activity. The repetitive nature of sewing makes it a productive activity that allows you to disconnect from the stresses of your everyday life at the same time! Repetitive activities that use fine motor skills have been known to decrease anxiety by giving you something to focus on. The continuous motions will keep your mind occupied on sewing rather than on tests and papers that are stressing you out.

Multi-tasking may seem to be time efficient, but it is known to be a leading cause of stress. Sewing forces you to shut off everything else and focus on the task at hand (no pun intended) since your hands and mind are occupied and concentration is critical to technique. You can disconnect from work or school, which may be the cause of your stress, if even for just for a few hours. 

Doubting your abilities at work or school? Sewing will also give you a big confidence boost. Whether a project has taken weeks or an hour, the self-esteem boost you get when you complete a project will leave you feeling ready to take on new challenges. As you head back to work or school assignments, you can take the confidence gained from sewing and apply it there.

So, let us help you destress and take all your cares away!  Check out our class offerings at our Chateau Sew & Sewing School here!