DIY for Gardeners

DIY for Gardeners

John, my favorite husband, and I installed an irrigation drip system in our garden this year, which means no more watering by hand!! I’m so excited!  (can you tell?). We’ve been planting and weeding, and lately, harvesting! 

So, while watering is now a piece of cake, planning my gardening wardrobe remains a challenge. And we all know that unless the gardener is adorably attired with coordinated outfits, your garden cannot and will not grow successfully  Totally true fact.

Help has arrived. When it comes to adorable gardening outfits, consider me your drip irrigation system: 

Since I'm planning on having citrus trees, I plan to sew napkins from MICHAEL MILLER FABRICS LEMON DROP - CREAM-    and

FREESPIRIT FABRICS - KAFFE FASSETT ORANGES ON BLUE FABRIC. True, not clothing, per se, but said napkins will look chic and inviting paired with a white plate when John and I sit down for breakfast or lunch. 

It's late in the south to plant tulips, but don't you love them? They herald warm weather and glorious sunshine. This rayon makes for a beautiful sundress, wonderfully sophisticated, and light to help you keep your cool.  FIGO FABRICS - MIDSOMMAR - RETRO TULIP RAYON  . 

Yellow, navy white and green scream sunshine and happiness.

Are you a garden planter? 

Imagine rows of tomatoes, peas, bell peppers, onions, and squash. You can have them all! For my new gardening apron, I'm using SEVEN ISLAND FABRICS - GUMBO - OXFORD    for inspiration. And I recommend this charming and easy pattern from our shop  MARY MULARI - CRISSCROSS APRON PATTERN  . 

It's a reversible apron with side pockets and only takes 2 yards of fabric to make. For the reverse side, 


Both of these are light canvas, which means your new apron will hold up well to washing.   

Since I live in Louisiana, we are always on the lookout for animals in our gardens. Thankfully, the only crocs I've seen, or want to see, are in the swamp, the zoo, and on fabric, where crocs belong! So, I'm safe in my garden or sewing room with

ALEXANDER HENRY FABRICS - GRINS + ROSES. Now, these, on the other hand, I could happily run into in the city or country ANDOVER FABRICS – SPRING BY MAKOWER UK  . 

Cute chickens! And maybe collect a few fresh eggs. YUMMY.   


I hope you have a beautiful spring and HAPPY GARDENING.