Cool Things You Can Sew with Boys

Cool Things You Can Sew with Boys

Are you constantly sewing with or for your daughters but your sons...not so much? You're not alone. It's easy to default to dresses and doll clothes, but boys need handmade love too! 

Long gone are the days when boys didn't sew! In fact, many of the world's most influential and celebrated fashion designers are men. Teaching your boy to sew provides you both with a fun and rewarding bonding experience and will also teach him a range of critical lifelong skills.

We're not saying these ridiculously cool things are the domain of boys only! Not at all! You can totally make all of these for the "little women" in your life as well! But, when looking for ways to engage your little man (or men) in a new hobby, it helps to find projects that pique his interest! 

To wit, here are five ideas to help get you started: 

Star Wars Robes! With this easy peasy pattern, the force will be forever with your little one! 

Mini Backpack! Whether hitting the road or the playground, your little one can tote along everything he you won't have to! 

Snack and Toy Bandolier! For swashbucklers and adventurers, this custom creation can carry bags of snacks, toy cars, Legos, and more! Strap on and go!  

Hoodie! The iconic and statement-making hoodie has long been an essential item of clothing, reaching new heights these days as the pinnacle of fashion. You're never too young to make a statement, or for the perfect hoodie! 

Toolbelt! Put him to work! This perfectly sized tool belt ensures he has all the tools he needs right at his fingertips! Bonus alert: doubles as a sewing apron! 

Superhero Masks! Finally, a mask he'll actually LOVE wearing! Fun for dress-up or whenever duty calls! 

Football Bean Bag Chair! Football season is right around the corner. He'll armchair quarterback in comfort and style in this easy-to-make bean bag! For the youngest Saints fans amongst us, we recommend you substitute the traditional brown football route with something a bit more befitting for New Orleans

Engage your little guy from the go by letting him help decide which fabrics to use. We have hundreds of fun and imaginative fabrics from outer space Christmas to undersea dolphins and out-of-this-world dinosaurs