Clothing You’ll DYE for this Summer!

Clothing You’ll DYE for this Summer!

From housewares to Haute couture, the indigo-dyed trend has endured for centuries thanks to its stunningly rich, intensely colorful shades of blue. 

Indigo is among the oldest dyes to be used for textile dyeing and printing. While the early archaeological finds traces of Indigo some 6000 years ago in Egypt and India, some believe that the history of Indigo goes back to as early as the Neolithic age. Ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia, as well as Egypt, Greece, Rome, Britain, Peru, Africa, India, China, Japan, and more have all embraced Indigo over the centuries. 

Fast forward to this season's indigo-dyed collection from Windham Fabrics. The new collection of four fabrics celebrates the time-honored tradition with a modern interpretation of blue textured and tie-dyed prints in an assortment of light, medium, and dark indigo blues. 

From caftans and maxi dresses to blouses and tees, the iridescent beauty of the collection is perfect for summer wardrobes. Whether you dress it up or down, the timeless style radiates bohemian, breezy, relaxation, and the cooling blue colors are the ideal antidote to rising temperatures. 

Windham Fabrics Indigo Dyed:

  • Pleated Dark 

  • Tied Dark

  • Pleated Light

  • Bound Light 


Pair with these fabrics with the following patterns for summer uniforms you'll wear on repeat, guaranteed: 

For Mom: 

  • Grainline Studio's Alder Shirtdress: loosely fitted and sleeveless with a flattering, breezy silhouette. 

For Your Little One and Littlest One: 

  • go!