Christmas in July! Yep, it's time to start sewing for the holidays!

Christmas in July! Yep, it's time to start sewing for the holidays!

It may be hard to believe when it's 1000 degrees outside, but Christmas is right around the corner. It will be here before you realize it, so now is the time to stock up on fabric and start sewing for the holidays!  

For the past 40 years (also hard to believe since I'm only 25... ;-) ), I've been a member of an exceptional group of fantastic women who share my love of sewing. As you all know, sewing is my favorite way to spend time but being with these lovely ladies is a very close second. (Ok, I cannot lie...eating comes in at first place, followed by sewing, and these lovely ladies are a very close third, but I digress...) 

Every year, on the first Thursday in December, my favorite things converge when we routinely come together for a scrumptious lunch prepared by a couple of these talented women. We take turns hosting and trying to out-decorate one another with our elaborately-crafted DIY tablescapes. For my last tablescape, I made napkins to coordinate with my theme of reading, yet another love of mine. And once we finish noshing, we gather around the hostess' Christmas or Hanukkah tree to exchange gifts. 

So what does our early December get-together have to do with Christmas in July? We've made all the gifts we exchange with one another in our crafting rooms, and you can bet we started sewing and crafting in July! In the past, I've gifted napkins, coasters, ornaments, bags, and even miniature Christmas trees. Even with easy-to-make gifts, people are usually more appreciative of something they know you've spent your valuable time making for them. DIY gifts come from a special place...your heart. 

This year, I plan on gifting bags, and I want to share with you the one I plan on making: The Classic Coin Purse by Zakka Workshop. This adorable coin purse is perfect for storing money and other small, everyday essentials. And its flat, compact design makes it ideal for storing inside a larger purse. 

The pattern includes the metal clasp you need to make one purse, but you can buy extra clasps and make dozens! The finished measurements are 3 1/4x3-1/2in (purrrfect). 

 Check out our website for upcoming classes to learn how to make these bags, as well as napkins, ornaments, and Christmas stockings. Remember to check back often as we update our classes regularly. Also, please email us to suggest any classes you'd like to see on the schedule. Gather a few of your favorite friends and come party with us! Contact us


Happy sewing,