Christmas Decorations You Can Sew

Christmas Decorations You Can Sew

Yes, it is time to get started on our Holiday sewing (its WAY past time).  I’m one of the Christmas elves that like to start before Halloween and just go Go GO!!  One of the first things I do is get all my new decor that I’m going to sew.  So far, I have gotten started on new applique ornaments, garlands, and Santas.  So much to do so little time.  Because you are SEW busy, I thought you would appreciate me doing some of the research for you.  I scored some fabulous patterns plus they are free. 

What can be better than cute and free patterns?  First, I need new stocking for my Shop Kids.  I want it to be a BIG surprise so shhhhhh!   This pattern will be a shop favorite I am absolutely certain. 

As you probably can tell, Scratch and Stitch is one of my favorite go to places for FREE AND CUTE .  This adorable Santa stocking will dress-up your mantle and having everyone anticipating the “BIG GUY’S” arrival.  Give Santa a big thumb us and try this stocking pattern.

Another pattern that will be great to do with the kids is the Heart Shaped Christmas Ornaments from I Can Do This.  Easy and quick.  These can be done by hand or with your machine. Thinking about a “Kids Class” with this.  What do you think?

We also sell some cute Christmas patterns.  June Tailor Inc - Quilt As You Go Tree Skirt uses quilting skills and sharpens your sewing and pattern reading skills.

The June Tailor Inc - Holiday Stocking - one stocking pack is super simple and a great project for mom and me.  

Stay tuned for more inspiration during this Holiday season.  Are you loving this new extra addition to our blogs. Please stop by or email us at and tell us what you want to see or hear about next.  Also please share ALL your project on Instagram use #chateausewandsew #chateausew or #chateausewnola.

Fabulous & free Christmas sewing projects to make this year. We’ve looked all over the internet and found the cutest free sewing patterns and step-by-step tutorials to inspire you.

Christmas is a great time of year to sew gifts and decorations.

If you’re ready to dive in with holiday sewing but not sure where to start, these free Christmas patterns and tutorials can help.